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Preschool Teacher and Students

Our goal at the Children’s Center is to provide a secure, loving, educational environment for all children. Every child is welcomed into our daycare center family as a unique individual while having universal needs for cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth and development.  We are committed to guiding every child in our care in developing their full potential. We strive to provide a positive environment and a strong support system.

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We believe children learn most effectively through playing and interacting with their peers in a social setting enriched by age-appropriate materials and equipment. This stimulating environment provides an avenue by which young children begin to learn about themselves and how they relate to the world around them. Within this framework, The Children’s Center program provides a setting where each child can develop and strengthen a positive self-image with the guidance of our well qualified, nurturing teachers.


Our professional and dedicated team will nurture and educate our children in gaining the skills to interact effectively with both peers and adults by working and playing with others using appropriate social skills; developing independence and responsibility; strengthening gross and fine motor skills; and practicing good safety habits.  Our children will gain knowledge and an understanding of the work in which each child lives by building upon innate creativity and curiosity; understanding and developing both receptive and expressive language skills; developing basic readiness skills and acquiring information in a variety of content areas such as language arts, math, science, social studies, music, art, health and safety; and reinforcing learning through integration of home, school, and community.

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