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Summer Camp

Kids in Preschool
Water Games

Summer Enrichment

Ages 2 - 5 years old

During the summer months, children ages 2 through 5 years old can continue with our preschool development program.  This allows children to continue their school year program throughout the summer months helping children stay on a routine and maintain structure.  In addition to receiving the preschool curriculum, the children are given an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our great outdoor space and water activities throughout the summer.  

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Summer Camp

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Our campers will have the opportunity to experience a new themed adventure each week packed with tons of fun!


Through weekly inhouse activities, our campers will experience exploration opportunities that will be endless fun for our campers!


Join us all summer long or sign up for only the weeks you would like to attend!


Week 1: Mad Science (June 17th-21st)
We are going to get messy! Campers will get hands on with science and try out a variety of fun and educational experiments. They will learn about famous scientists and discover the principles of physics, chemistry, and biology.


Week 2: Animal Planet (June 24th- 28th)
Campers will visit and study some of the different biomes on Earth.
They’ll investigate the different animals that live there and how they have adapted to each area’s very different climates. Campers will head off to the desert, tundra, grasslands, savannah, marine and rainforest biomes.


Week 3: CCD’s Got Talent (July 1st-5th)
Singing, dancing, magic and more! This week we will focus on that
talents that make everyone special! At the end of the week
campers will put on a talent show for the center.


Week 4: Around the World (July 8th-12th)
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel around the world? Join us as we visit all seven continents! We will be exploring cultures, landmarks and much more!


Week 5: Superhero Training Academy (July 15th-19th)
At CCD every camper is a superhero! All superhero’s need to train.
Our camp is the perfect place to perfect all your superhero values! Campers will also spend time learning about the hero’s that make our world super!


Week 6: Time Travelers (July 21st-26th)
Campers will travel to different time periods, with activities and
games inspired by different eras. We will be learning about the
history and culture of different time periods and create our own time traveler projects!


Week 7: Land Before Time (July 28th-August 2nd)
Once upon a time, dinosaurs ruled the earth! We will travel back to the prehistoric age and learn all about dinosaurs. We will earn the title of Junior Paleontologist for the week.


Week 8: Sports Mania (August 5th-9th)
Come dressed to support your favorite sports teams. Over the course of the week, we will be learning and trying out all different sports. Campers will learn the importance of teamwork, self- discipline, and good sportsmanship!


Week 9: Artful Antics (August 12th-16th)
This week campers will be encouraged to tap into their creative side! We will try various art forms, learn about famous artists, create our own projects, and participate in art themed games and activities.


Week 10: Summer Luau (August 19th-22nd)
Aloha campers! Get your grass skirts ready for a week of sun, fun,
and all things tropical! We will learn about Hawaii and end camp
with a Luau!








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