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Summer Camp

Kids in Preschool
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Summer Enrichment

Ages 2 - 5 years old

During the summer months, children ages 2 through 5 years old can continue with our preschool development program.  This allows children to continue their school year program throughout the summer months helping children stay on a routine and maintain structure.  In addition to receiving the preschool curriculum, the children are given an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our great outdoor space and water activities throughout the summer.  

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Summer Camp

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Join us for SUMMER CAMP 2023! Our friends will have the opportunity to experience a new themed adventure each week packed with tons of fun! Through a combination of inhouse activities and field trips, exploration opportunities will be endless for our campers! Join us all summer long or sign up for only the weeks you would like to attend!


Week 1: “LEGO” to Summer Fun Camp (June 19th – 23rd) It’s time for summer camp, LEGO! During our first week of summer, campers will work with classmates on team activities such as a scavenger hunt, building marble mazes, and race to build competitions. Students will get to know each other and build teamwork skills during their building activities.


Week 2: Planting and Farming (June 26th – 30th) We are tapping into our farming skills this week! Campers will all contribute to planting and caring for a garden at the center. They will plant vegetables and fruits, learn about caring for a garden, and be responsible for daily care. They will study the life cycles of plants, requirements for how to farm and plant, and how/when to harvest different foods.


Week 3: Summer Olympics (July 3rd – 7th) This week we will compete in the summer camp Olympics! Campers will participate in different events throughout the week. We will have days full of javelin throws, races, hula-hoop toss competitions and much more!


Week 4: Going Green (July 10th – 14th) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Campers will be doing all of these this week when CCD goes green. They will focus on ways to help reduce waste, recycle all different types of products, and start using reusable items such as water bottles and lunch containers. Campers will use recycled products to make art, create bird feeders from plastic bottles, make seed bombs using scrap paper to add more plants to the earth, and even turn an old t-shirt into a reusable shopping bag!


Week 5: Ooey Gooey Science Fun (July17th – 21st) We’re going to get messy! Campers will be following directions and recipes to make many different gooey concoctions. They will make slime using glue and saline solution, and no-bake play-doh. They will spend a day reading “Bartholomew and the Oobleck,” then making their own. Campers will make homemade bubbles and will be able to test out the homemade bubble solutions.


Week 6: Inventors (July 24th – 28th) The campers will use this week to find their inner scientist! Students will learn about different inventors and the inventions that they created. They will build some of these inventions to further understand how they work. Campers will take their investigation into inventions one step further by brainstorming and coming up with their own invention. They will give it a name, describe its purpose/functions, and either draw or build their invention.


Week 7: Out Of This World (July 30th – August 4th) This week is all about space! We will learn about different planets and make our own telescopes. Campers will study stars and constellations, moon phases, and try out some solar cooking. Friday is all about rockets! We will use mentos and coca-cola to make an explosion. We will also create model rockets to take home as a souvenir.


Week 8: Around the World (August 7th – August 11th) Let’s travel around the world. Before they travel, campers will create a passport for themselves to get from country to country. Campers will get to visit Italy and test out the strength of pasta. We will travel to Japan and make our own candy sushi! Campers will also visit Canada and make some sweet maple syrup treats, and head to Egypt to study the pyramids and turn themselves into mummies.


Week 9: Mission Impossible (August 14th – August 18th) Campers will take part in solving mysteries and challenges throughout the week. Campers will start the week with a mission about kindness and cooperation that they must work on all week while completing their other missions. They will play classroom CLUE to solve who stole their class pet. On Friday, teachers will turn classrooms into escape rooms. Students will need to solve all the clues and riddles in order to “escape” the classroom.


Week 10: Animal Planet (August 21st – August 25th) Campers will visit and study some of the different biomes on Earth. They’ll investigate the different animals that live there and how they have adapted to each area’s very different climates. Campers will head off to the desert, tundra, grasslands, savannah, marine and rainforest biomes. They will investigate how camels retain water while in desert temperature, use crisco to test out how blubber keeps arctic animals warm, and investigate the layers of the ocean and what animals live at each layer.


Spaces are filling up!  Call or email us today to reserve your spot!

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